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Cascade bridal bouquet

Generally, preparing for the wedding ceremony, the bride eagerly examines the latest photo magazines and Internet pages in search of the main accessory of the bride-flower arrangement, which will give all the notes of her femininity and sensuality.

The shape of the bridal bouquet characterizes its special features. Thus, one can say whether a girl is ready for something new, unpredictable, or she is more inclined to traditional classics.

Cascade Bouquet is a sensual, life-overflowing image of refined nature. After all, it accurately conveys the illusion of the movement of beauty. This is a cascading waterfall of colors. It seems that the flowers flow like a stream and they will never run out.

Such a bouquet always looks plentiful. It can be saturated in its performance due to the large number of different types of flowers and shades, or vice versa, to have only one main shade with the harmonious addition of green leafy plants.

Of course, if this is an unconventional bouquet, in the style of hippies or vintage, such a bouquet can be collected from seasonal plants. For example, in autumn, the foliage may be yellow or dark red, and dried berries or small nuts may serve as decor, long branches may become weaving. But for the image of a princess, a monophonic or a few tone bouquet is more suitable.

In the main part of the Cascade bouquet, the largest buds with wide or volumetric petals are collected, and going down the petals are reduced in size to very tiny ones or turn into flowers of another type, but adhering to the basic color tone. To create such an ensemble, masters use roses, lilies, eustomas, callas, peonies, tulips, carnations, chamomiles, lilies, and orchids. There are many variations.

The modern secret of maintaining the shape of the flower composition is wire, which can support the buds of thin plants or give a certain bend to the direction of the bouquet. Even if the stems exhaust their moisture, the wire reliably performs their function. But sometimes masters stick to the classics and fasten plants with vine or ropes.

Interestingly, the modern Cascade bouquet is not only fully harvested from live plants. For example, if the wedding ceremony takes place during the Christmas holidays, the bouquet itself is decorated with small balls, which are covered with artificial snow and sprigs of cypress. Sometimes the falling bottom of the bouquet is complemented with wicker ribbons, a vine or brilliant glass tears of joy.

The famous princess Lady Diana decided to choose this noble kind of bouquet. Her white composition perfectly matched the lush dress and sleeves. The dress was moderate dress, and a variety of bouquet played very interestingly against its background. Today, this floral arrangement has again gained popularity and adorns the glossy wedding magazines and online pages.


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