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Pomander Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet of flowers in girl`s hands is always a joy, and a wedding bouquet is doubly joy. There are many of them, but each bride deserves the one and only one that she will remember for life.

Wedding Pomander Bouquet is suitable only for the exquisite, elegant image of the bride, with an elongated and straight silhouette, medium or long dress length, without a surplus. This bouquet conveys a sense of celebration. Its delicate aroma and marvelous round shape make the image delicate and enchanting.

Such a miracle is look like fragrant aromatic ball, something like a small rounded handbag decorated outside with flowers.

Pomander Bouquet is made from flowers with dense trunks. For the reason that they are inserted into a rounded floral sponge or foam and must firmly hold the shape. Due to this, the bouquet is securely fastened and will be able to stay fresh for a long time. Masters often use roses, lilies and other plants with solid trunks, with very large buds. A bouquet can consist only of the buds themselves, and sometimes green foliage or small inflorescences of a different shade are inserted between them to convey the peculiarity of the bouquet, and sometimes they are decorated with large ribbons, artificial balls, rhinestones or even crystals.

A florist working on such a bouquet can choose a specific color scheme that will harmoniously accompany the image and style of the bride or use the girl’s favorite flower kinds. The bouquet can be made from one type of flowers or from several. It can be monophonic or have several light, beige delicate shades that harmoniously complement each other, rather than dark and bright, because the buds should smoothly change in color to each other. Thus, the master's fantasy can create a certain pattern or picture, and can even write the capital letters of lovers and many other interesting things that the soul wishes.

The handle of the bouquet can be made of satin ribbon, usually from a single tone presented in the ensemble. And it can be woven from ropes into a braid or from pure pearls, crystals. On the basis of such a bouquet, it is sometimes possible to notice a hanging brush or a fringe, lengthening such an image of the bouquet. It gently sways and falls down, which revives him.

Such beauty is incredibly charming. This bouquet cannot be unnoticed. A bride can hang a bouquet on her wrist or just carry it in her hand. It is very convenient! And how nice it will be to catch it unmarried girl!


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