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Crescent Bouquet

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Since ancient times, girls in every possible way decorated themselves with flowers before a wedding celebration. It was a wreath that was put on the head of the bride. Then it became a handmade bouquet that accompanied her from the beginning of the ceremony to the traditional throwing of unmarried virgins.

Crescent-shaped Bouquet is exactly the composition that combines the history of the wedding wreath. In shape, it is the same semicircular and very beautiful. Because for his creation always use many types of flowers and plants of different kinds.

In the center of the bouquet is always the largest number of flowers. However, they are different in shape and may be different in height. The flowers don't fit together tightly, but have space among themselves. The height of the central flowers is relatively low. Both sides of the flower arrangement are always long. They gently, naturally fall down, in the form of a tilted moon and something of a kind resembling Cascade Bouquet. It looks very natural and at ease.

As for the main types of flowers, usually they are orchids, dahlias, amaryntuses, ranunculi and many other species. Such a bouquet is always draped with large number of green plants with very thin stems. For example: star asparagus, eucaleptus, cascading ivy. Ensembles of this style are rarely collected in a small bunch, they are medium in size. It turns out due to the illusion of falling plants in the form of a half-arc. A composition can be either symmetrical or have asymmetry from a certain side, which gives it a zest and a certain charm.

Crescent-shaped Bouquet is always colorful and harmonious in its color range. It can prevail from three to five kinds of shades. Its main feature is a lot of fresh green plants, giving it the naturalness.

This bouquet is perfect for all bride s silhouettes: wide, high, low. For all that, having thought over the image of the bride beforehand, it is easy to gather it under a certain silhouette, adjusting it with the number of flowers. A wider bouquet fits for high or slender girl and a bunch of medium size has harmonious look for low.

Crescent Bouquet is tightly tied with invisible ropes that are hidden under a falling cascade of flowers. But brides prefer that there are no ribbons at all or they are tied in such a way that their edges fall down with long lines almost to the floor.

Experienced masters know well where and in what the best way you can embellish a composition. This bouquet does not need to be decorated with additional artificial materials. Indeed, the specific form and style itself highlights its peculiarity. Only sometimes, at will, the frills of the ribbons are replaced with beads or crystals, which fall down by themselves.

The modern Crescent bouquet is not an exception and develops in parallel against the backdrop of modern trends in the world of florist. Such compositions are increasingly conquering the fashion world with their new ideas, for example: glowing lights in the twilight and darkness for evening ceremonies.

The bride must pay attention to this charming bouquet, because it is as close as possible to the natural harmony. And his style and image will always emphasize its natural beauty.


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