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Types of bridal bouquets

A Wedding Bouquet is an essential accessory for any bride. That bouquet gives completeness to her image. This flower accessory emphasizes the nature of femininity and sophistication of the bride herself.

Designers and florists from all over the world are trying to create the very perfect wedding bouquet that will suit only the one and only. As they say: "how many people, so many tastes".

Therefore, the choice among wedding bouquets is great for every taste. The bouquet must fit the image of the bride: her dress and make-up. And today it is very popular that the entire image of the bride, including the flower bouquet, is in harmony not only with the wedding cake, but even with the floral decor of the ceremony.

There are many styles, types and forms of wedding bouquets. The newest coloring trends are so varied: from unusually fictional blue-lilac to super brilliant. Bouquets are simply unimaginable.

Contemporary bouquet is the most traditional because it looks as natural as possible. Green leaf shoots or unopened buds give virginity to its nature. It may be in the form of a drop, round or vertical. The bouquet does not have any particular form. Usually its stalks are wrapped in light satin ribbons to match the color of the buds or the color of the bride's dress.

Pomander Bouquet is a small neat bouquet in the shape of a regular circle, that hung on a satin ribbon, somewhat resembling a round basket. Usually it collects tightly fitting large or small buds of the same species or interspersed with small inflorescence.

Crescent Bouquet in its form resembles a half moon. It is perfect for creating an elegant look. Its shape fits to tall or slender silhouettes. In the center of the bouquet, the flowers are tightly collected, and closer to the bottom they fall asymmetrically. Generally, such composition consists of different types of flowers.

Cascade Bouquet is a complex composition, that reminiscent of a floral waterfall. The flowers seem to fall down. It always consists of different types of flowers, elongated leaves or greenery. Sometimes it is decorated with falling ribbons and rhinestones.

Round or Pond Bouquet is one of the traditional types of bouquets. It is a collection of flowers that form a rounded shape. These are large monochromatic roses, expensive types of flowers or seasonal. This bouquet is convenient for the bride and the traditional customs of throwing a bouquet of unmarried girls.

Hand-tied Bouquet combines a combination of different types of flowers: from the most expensive to the most simple. The bouquet acquired such name, because the florist, collecting flowers in a bouquet, as if weaves them into each other in a circle. However, they can be of any height. The hand-tied composition can be made in a round or cascade manner. This bouquet looks very ease and will suit any look.

This abundant variety of styles and variations can not ignore any bride. It is enough to figure out what image and style is in harmony with her, what she wants to see herself, because the wedding bouquet will reflect the sincere nature of the bride.

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