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Beach Style Wedding

If you wish to hold a wedding celebration in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, with a wonderful landscape, sounds of coastal waves, then a beach-style wedding will suit you with a bang. Such an atmosphere will be relaxed with carefree aesthetics, which allows to emphasize the natural beauty.

This solemn ceremony is organized right on the ocean or the sea. Even if this is not possible, do not worry, the shore of the lake or river will be great. Popular options are yacht clubs, lake houses and piers that overlook the water. Avoid too formal, modern and urban settings.

Wedding flower decoration in this style can be of two options: delicate light or bright saturated. If you are going to create a tropical atmosphere with Hawaiian notes, choose bright and saturated colors such as fuchsia, turquoise, orange, green, purple, yellow, and red.

Romantic, classic design wedding ceremony in beach style can apply pastel and neutral shades, which will give the wedding a vintage style and beach chic. It will be appropriate ivory, dairy and peach, delicate shades of blue and pink flowers, the combination with mother of pearl, silver or dim gold.

Keep the decor minimal, let the landscape do the work for you. You need to give the naturalness beauty thanks to the same natural decorating details. At the ceremony, which takes place on the sand, limit the interior of the most necessary elements: wedding arch, places for guests, signs. On the beach and the promenade can be windy, so be sure to ensure that the decor is well fixed.

The wedding arch can be completely different. This can be a brightly laid out flower circle or a heart covered with petals, a wooden or wicker arch of climbing plants, and perhaps palm leaves. If this is a pier, then it will ideally look like an arch with light curtains, swaying in the wind, that is decorated with delicate light flowers and greens. Petals look very natural on the sand, continuing the whole composition.

Festive table of this style should not be overloaded with unnecessary details. Ideal natural decor. Transparent cylindrical vases fill the multi-colored petals, sand, pebbles, shells, starfishes, fruits, put bouquets of palm leaves, i.e. natural materials. Do not forget the candles. They always and everywhere look advantageous.

Floral arrangements prefer tropical orchids, anemones, magnolias, strelitzia, hibiscus and anthurium. You can also use more traditional flowers such as roses, variegated carnations, hydrangeas.

A beach-style wedding bouquet is the most natural bouquet. This does not mean that it should be simple. This means that it must be made by a master without additional decorations, with natural elements and live plants. The bride always chooses a bouquet for the style and image of the dress, but we must pay tribute to the fact that the beach wedding accepts only light and romantic dresses. For this reason, it is cascade, hand-made bouquets fit most. They more naturally emphasize the image of the bride. Florists resort to the use of lilies, roses, peonies, orchids, ranunculi. Often use palm and monster branches.

Wherever you decide to hold your celebration on the river or ocean, the sound of the surf, the blue of the water surface and the beauty of the sunset are capable of creating an absolutely charming atmosphere. Do not miss the opportunity to give each other a real holiday. May the bright and vivid impressions of this beautiful day remain for the rest of your life.


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