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Wedding decor in 2019

Every wedding is absolutely always unique. This is a peculiar mood reflection of two loving people who have decided to express their feelings and utter oaths near the closest and dearest people to them. Therefore, this day should be special and certainly everyone should like it.

You can recreate a similar wedding, repeat the style or trends in the decor, but it is impossible to recreate an exact copy and its atmosphere. Therefore, each event is made out and prepared strictly according to the preferences and tastes of the newlyweds. After all, this is their own, one-of-a-kind day.

There are many trends and styles in wedding design, which has its own history and its own rules of decor. But over the years, the masters of the decor find more and more interesting ways to design it.

To keep up with the times, couples follow the latest trends in wedding fashion. After all, a wedding is not only an ordinary classic. It fashion changes and never stays boring. It has its own trends and preferences. Some styles and trends may dominate over others, and some again revive or fade after years.

What about the wedding decor in 2019? Of course, this year brings many new interesting and colorful ideas.

As we have previously written, Pantone Institute offers its own palette of colors that will become dominant in the fashion industry. This applies to such colors as Living Coral and its shades, Pink Peacock, Pepper Stem, Aspen Gold, Princess Blue, Sweet Lilac. Therefore, this palette can be safely used in all elements of the decor. An elegant black will also be deservedly shown off in a wedding decor. Its accents can be used as satin ribbons, bows, dishes, glassware and even fabrics.

Also, this year, a special place in the design of the holiday is taken by geometric figures of various shapes. They can be used everywhere where imagination is enough. Moreover, metal, forged and transparent decorative elements are a real find.

The same applies to floral design. Any geometric shape from a circle or sphere to polygonal shapes can be decorated with flowers, buds or foliage. Therefore, the compositions may have a flat or volumetric shapes. Such a design carries a natural decor, and the geometric shape looks very unusual. This is perfect for a wedding venue, a photo shoot, a dance floor, and other ideas.

Flower arrangements always catch the eye first. They act magically, attracting the view. Whatever you decorate and in what quantity they are not used, remember that the flowers do not happen much. The larger and brighter the composition, the more lively and enchanting the atmosphere of celebration looks.

In 2019, naturally green floral compositions without buds are very popular. These can be live branches. In addition, they remain fresh for a long time. Why not decorate them and not give them color, adding a some number of flowers from the palette Pantone.

A very interesting idea was vertical flat flower photo zones. For example, it can be a wooden vintage double door or a large metal circle with greenery around, hollow inside and decorated with buds in a circle. Imagine how amazing this picture will look at sunset. These photo stands are convenient, as they can be moved to any place.

A very good idea is to use light illumination of various shades, ultraviolet lamps, reflectors that create the effects of drawings and images. Especially in the evening it looks very creative not only in the room bit outdoors too.

The main highlight of the celebration is a wedding cake. It also did not pass by fashion trends. The cake has become not only a long-awaited dessert snack, but also a real masterpiece of decor. The most unusual shapes, colors and even slightly cut off edges became the trend of this season. This is not just a longline layers, it is the most real creative geometry. But an even greater discovery was cakes with elements of living plants form. Not knowing that this is skillful craftsmanship, guests may think that these are realistic fresh flowers. Therefore, such flower arrangements, as flowering cacti or coral, became masterpieces in the industry of dainty and decorative elements of the wedding table.

After discussing the main wedding trends of the decor in 2019, we hope that you will not be difficult to approach the process of decoration creatively and inspire your creative actions.


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