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Panton - Living Cora color for weddings 2019

The Panton Institute team presented its new ideas to the whole world, which should become trendy this year, in which an interesting rich shade of Living Coral is presented, as well as a group of perfectly matched shades that also perfectly suit it.

Making a wedding in a modern style, you must first follow the rules of color design of the celebration. This is the first thing that catches your eye. So let's take a closer look at what is the best way to arrange a holiday, using the basis of Panton Colors 2019.

Living Coral is squeak this season. Flowers will certainly help us to create a holiday. In nature, there are many colors of this shade. Among them: velvet zinnias, lovely dahlias, chrysanthemums and, of course, luxurious roses, peonies and berries of coral kissed Hypericum, as well as many other wonderful varieties. Coral peony buds are a mega trend. They are long-lasting and have an unusually pleasant aroma. Among these and other types of flowers you can definitely find a similar shade of color. These flowers will be the perfect decoration of the overall decor, besides, they are suitable for any wedding style.

To dilute the Living Coral, lets remember what other Panton colors we can use to create a floral design. Ageratum, aconite, delphinium, irises perfectly replace the shade of Princess Blue, and begonia and gerberas complement Aspen Gold and Mango Mojito. Among the gerberas, roses and peonies you can find all the shades we need this season, namely Fiesta, Jester Red, Pink Peacock. Experienced florists know well how best to combine all these colors together. This color palette is suitable for both elegant wedding style, and for the rustic - organic style with lots of greenery.

Festive table can be decorated similarly. Drapery, dishes and other elements can be bright and convey the mood of the whole celebration. Glass, porcelain and pottery will help to convey a sense of color perfectly. Due to the fact that they are voluminous and curved, the color acquires saturation and thereby highlights their shape.

Any bride wants to distinguish herself, so her dress can be decorated with a hand bouquet, a wreath combining a similar coloring. It would be great if the bridesmaids' dresses are made from the same coral color. Holding bright bouquets in their hands, they will continue the idea. And the groom's boutonniere will complement it.

The main repulsive point of the ceremony is the irreplaceable arch, where the beloved newlyweds exchange vows. This is an important place. You should pay special attention to it. You can decorate it modestly, classically or with extraordinary chic. It all depends on you. Coral buds go well with white, green, yellow and blue. Why not use such fancy compositions! Also there can be different types of flowers. This design will be an interesting solution. Bright and moderately restrained. Scattered coral petals and strewn paths will help to continue the decor.

Remember that you can always come up with a wedding theme. This decorates the wedding celebration at a height and set the tone. For example, candles, metal cages, filled flowers, tree branches, decorated, various types of blooms, swings, glass or clay vases, a wish board, an artificial fountain and many other things that you can only imagine. A wedding is a place that should distract everyone from the real world, take away and absorb entirely, transfer to a fairy tale.

Photography is a wonderful way to capture wedding moments, smiles, emotions and happy moments with the closest people. Such bright colors and scrupulous design will saturate the photos very well. Make them alive and bright!


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