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Bohemian style wedding

Bohemian style or, as it is called, “bohemian chic” has become very popular in the past few years.Its history goes deep into the 15th century of France. It was also very popular in the 70s thanks to the hippie culture that became its representatives. The term “bohemian” is derived from the gypsy word — eccentric, unconventional. This style is inherent to people with artistic nature. Boho has a mixture of styles and cultures, in which ethnic, vintage motives can be traced.

For the past few years, the boho-style wedding has revived and has become one of the most popular. This wedding is filled with fantasy space, ideas of ten weddings in one. This is an incompatible combination. The decor of this wedding is filled with classic and vintage design solutions together.

The place of marriage can be nature, the backyard, and the coast. Therefore, we must understand that the soil under the foot can be not only green grass, but also sand or gravel. The decor of a wedding arch can be made of wood, sheaves from hay. It should be a combination of elegance and simplicity at the same time. Lace curtains or simple burlap, fringe or curved wooden branches can also be used. The main decoration will be flowers, especially with a lot of green leaves, which will make the decor natural. Wildflowers compositions are the face floral boho style. Scattered petals or buds will be an excellent carpet or path for a complete image. Guests can be seated not only on the chairs, but also on the benches.

A boho style bridal look combines bohemian style with glamor and vintage. Her image is stylized as a bohemian hippie with bold negligence that looks very original and beautiful. A bohemian-style wedding dress is layering, an abundance of lace, the use of ruches, and fringe. Naturalness should prevail here. Details of such dress should be balanced so that all elements of clothing are in harmony with each other, without causing a feeling of excessiveness.

The peculiarity of the boho bride bouquet is that it is an asymmetrical composition, bright and grassy. Such bouquet collects different plants and flowers. These can be proteas, orchids, sunflowers, succulents, anthuriums. Among such compositions hand-tied bouquets, crescent or cascade are very popular.

The image of the groom must also match the same style. Jeans, casual pants, suspenders, waistcoat, printed shirt with rolled up sleeves looks grait. The image of the groom successfully complement the beret or hat. At the same time on the head creative mess is appropriate.

For a photo shoot, you can create special backgrounds. Use old suitcases, a bicycle decorated with wicker flowers, the swings hanging from a tall tree, an aged board with photos of the newlyweds, a fountain, pots and cages filled with plants and also lots of interesting things you can imagine.

Boho wedding decor based on hand made and vintage elements, so you can use the most daring experiments. In the design of a boho wedding, it is recommended to use natural fabrics such as linen, chiffon, silk, sackcloth, velvet, and velor. Tree branches can be decorated with lanterns, ribbons, garlands. Tables and chairs should be from different sets and steles. For serving fit stylized vintage cups, plates of colored ceramics and glass.

A boho wedding implies a lot of light and space. Use oil, paraffin lamps, flashlights, candles. In the evening, such an abundance of light sources looks amazing, even in photographs. A thematic wedding in Gypsy, Moroccan and Indian themes will also be appropriate here.

Use metal lamps, tapestries, carpets, colored ceramic or glass vases, blankets, pillows, vintage porcelain, circle tablecloths. In the boho style, a combination of expensive and luxurious materials with rustic elements is allowed: aged decor and embroidered textiles.

Any wedding can not do without flower decoration. Therefore, boho floristry prefers wild wildflowers, playing in contrast, complementing them with satin ribbons, photo frames, pearls, dry flowers, spikelets, branches and other decorative details. Floral decor is characterized by the asymmetry of the bouquets forms and multicolor. The composition of the decorating compositions includes succulents, fern, leukodendron, tanacetum, gerbera, protea, sunflower, chrysanthemum, eringitis, hydrangea, dahlia, krapediya, nereni, and cellosia.

A boho-style wedding is always an unforgettable, bright, cheerful holiday, filled with the emotions of peacefulness, goodness, harmony. Therefore, it remains only to plunge into this wonderful memorable day, which will certainly leave a lot of pleasant moments.


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