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Pantone 2019 live coral

The fashion color is the main element, the main thread that leads the whole modern fashion industry. By itself, the color is very unique, it always fascinates and attracts at the same time. Just think, there are so many colors, and their number of shades is hard to imagine.

The Pantone Color Institute provides a global perspective on the color movement of current and future seasons. Every year, it presents the world with a new trend color palette of primary colors, led by a leading priority color. This event is eagerly awaited by all followers, whose rhythm of life certainly depends on this event.

Color Pantone determines the best combinations of color shades that best fit to the main color. This color combination presents its own coloring.

You ask why? And that's it. This palette of colors should cover the whole world with a wave, first of all, the world of the fashion and design industry.

Therefore, the design of the wedding ceremony should not dull fashion trends. Color design especially.

To arrange a wedding in a super mega modern style, it means to follow exactly the Pantone color scheme.

As the main color in 2019, they chose Pantone 16-1646 live coral. They call it Fiesta. This is a bright hot saturated color. Which radiates energy, passion and excitement.

The color palette will also be complemented by: Jester Red, Turmeric, Pink Peacock, Pepper Stem, Aspen Gold, Princess Blue, Toffee, Mango-Mojito, Terrarium Moss, Sweet Lilac. It can be concluded that such a palette is quite bright.

Such a vivid Pantone palette will bring a lot of warm bright colors into the wedding decor. Wedding celebration is often made out in bright colors complementing by main pantone and dominants. In our case, it will be Living Coral-Fiesta. With this task it is easy to cope in the fall, when we are surrounded by many lovely orange gifts of nature. But what should we do at another time of year? For wedding decoration in the latest fashion trends, first of all flowers will help. Flowers are never enough. Their number depends on how much you want to plunge into the holiday. Here the dominant colors of Pantone will help us. They will help dilute the main “live coral”. The best option would be to arrange flower arrangements adhering to the color palette. Experienced florists who pay tribute to fashion, will certainly win your heart with their decisions. Do not forget that such a color palette the bride and groom can try on themselves or decorate themselves with distinctive accessories, brooches, gloves, hat and others. Bridesmaids will look charming in delicate dresses in the colors of living coral.

Be sure that your wedding will look extraordinarily elegant if you decide to use the colors of the latest fashion trends. You will be able to give yourself and close people a world filled with colors and new impressions. Such a palette will fill your photos with emotions and make them alive.


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