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Provence - Wedding style

Themed wedding in Provence style, what feelings do it have for you? Probably, firstly, these are light motives of a relaxed, quiet life in country of small town, where aromas of fresh wildflowers and local green meadows smell. Such a wedding is a very good idea to please yourself and people close to you. Provence style came to us from France at the end of the 19th century. He has his special romantic touch and always looks harmonious, especially in such an important wedding celebration.

A Provence style wedding is best for the warm season, when there is a lot of greenery and flowers around.

As for the stylistic design of the Provencal style, it is distinguished by his aristocratic refinement with rustic motifs. Decor elements can be completely different things. It can be metal and wood, wicker, and also clay and porcelain products, often handmade. Remember the country houses from the French movies. Everything is very simple, but with taste! There are many small vintage parts and accessories, with a hint of a provence: light wooden photo frames, hand-carved patterned caskets, clay vases in a floral print, metal forged hand-made things, lots of wicker and wooden pots filled with dry herbs and fresh fruit. All elements of the decor are rather colorful against the background of a gentle and soft general background. In the decor often use hand made. It is very beautiful and always looks great!

The color palette of the Provencal style is very rich, but it is always used in gentle pastel colors. For the main background use white, milk or ivory. Additional colors are pale pink and blue, mint, dark beige, muted purple, and yellow-white. Honestly, Provencal colors look like a mixture of the main color with white. Therefore, they always look a little faded.

For the decoration of the solemn place of marriage in the style of Provence, fit a simple light design. For example, this may be an arch of light unpolished wood with hanging curtains of linen beige fabric. Nearby you can put a lot of wicker baskets or wine boxes of various sizes and shapes, old metal cages filled with various colorful plants, such as violets, peonies, daisies, cornflowers and of course lavender. Even if they are collected in shapeless bouquets, it will look natural. In this case, hand-made bouquets will look perfect. And imagine how wonderful the constructed wooden arch will look completely decorated with buds of different colors. And their petals can be strewn with flower carpet all over the floor and the walkway leading to the ceremony. All this flower arrangement can be continued in the further design of the celebration.

Decorating a festive table of this style is also made in a simple way. Simply does not mean somehow scanty or boring. The peculiarity of the superiority of Provence style lies in its consistency of colors and simplicity of decorations. A minimum of chic, except hand-made accessories. The table is not always covered with a tablecloth, and if it is covered, it is always plain natural fabrics like cotton, flax, and sometimes handmade lace. The same goes for napkins. Although they can be pre-embroidered with the capital letters of lovers or two little doves, what comes to mind. On this table must be flowers. This will make it a continuation of the whole composition. There may be many or very few. Bouquets resemble those that have just picked. Small pots with fresh flowers are placed on the table or picked flowers placed in ordinary clay or ceramic vases, and glass jars, where their bottlenecks are wrapped with ordinary rope or ribbon. White candles fit just right. Also, they put plants in antique self-made wooden lanterns. It looks awesome!

For a thematic Provence wedding, the best bouquet of the bride will be a handmade bouquet. This flower composition harmoniously combines all the colors and flowers of the whole celebration. Any flowers and plants that can be found in the garden or on the lawn are perfect. For example, they are all known: avanda, hydrangea, freesia, cornflowers, bells, spray roses, daisies. Sage, clover, thyme, rosemary can help to make the bouquet little green. Oh, what a wonderful aroma will smell! This bouquet is very delicate and beautifully emphasizes the natural beauty of the bride.

Provence style wedding is an excellent opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life, to plunge with the closest people into the very charm of nature. Such a celebration cannot but surprise, but the wonderfully decorated holiday will be remembered in the hearts for many years.


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