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Vintage - Wedding style

Vintage style in wedding

If you want to feel the notes of antiquity and plunge into the times of your grandparents, then you should arrange a wedding ceremony in vintage style. This will give a new life to a family heirloom, dress, jewelry, and other antiques from the store or grandmother's wardrobe. In this case, you are on the right track.

It is very difficult to choose a decor for such wedding, consisting of vintage items. But each decorated element will be a special pride, emphasizing the individuality of your celebration in memory for many years.

Vintage style wedding is characterized by soft, muted, warm, pastel shades. There can be beige, peach, pale pink or blue, light green or soft lilac, turquoise, and even burgundy, silver and gold. Modern materials of the late 19th and beginning of the 20th century are well-suited for the design of the basic elements, which, in turn, are able to convey the spirit of the time. It can be items made of aged wood, porcelain and ceramic decor elements, linen and cotton guipure fabrics, velvet and velveteen.

As for the floral design of the ceremony, in this case, they always combine different types of flowers in one bouquet, of different size and color. The bouquet should be round shape. The combination of flowers such as peony and spray of roses, violets, jasmine, large peonies, pansies, ranunculus, callas, baby’s breath, hydrangeas, looks harmoniously, most importantly, they were a thin pastel shade with green leaves.

Vintage bridal bouquet also has a regular round shape with a low trunk. Its base is tied with lace ribbons, handmade or completely wrapped in velvet fabric. To give the bouquet a vintage style, it is decorated with vintage ornaments such like of cameo, feathers, brooches in the form of flowers and butterflies, porcelain doves, and pearl beads. It looks elegant and worthy of attention.

If a young couple decides to arrange a wedding in a vintage style, then places that are already stylized to this exceptional style will be of help. The place where the walls have stucco, frescoes, columns, with drawings for gold, chandeliers of the past era, carpets, rare things, like chairs with oval backs and drapes, china, will serve as a foothold for the continuation of floral decoration.

Making the atmosphere you can put an old mirror decorated with flowers. Tables covered with lace tablecloths. It is a good idea to put a small branch, where family photos will hang in oval frames, made under retro, beads and flowers, covered with silver or gold. Statuettes, candelabra and scented high candles will add cosiness and romance. Very often hang rare bird cages. They can also be strewed inside with multi-colored buds or petals.

Vintage wedding decor is an elegant, casual style. Be sure it will please everyone. For the older generation, it is a spirit of memories and hopes, and for the younger, it is an opportunity to plunge into the past, preserving traditions for future generations.


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