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Wedding Bouquet - Contemporary

For the wedding ceremony, brides are always prepared in advance very carefully and scrupulously. Everything should be thought out to the smallest detail from the bouquet to the complete decoration of the ce


A bouquet should always decorate the image of the bride, give it a grace and its individual feature, emphasize its character. A traditional wedding bouquet can help her in this. This is an accessory, without which the image will be unfinished.

Modern trends dictate the fashion of everyone and in everything, and the wedding bouquet so accurately. Let the bride take advantage of it only a day. But this day should be unique and exceptional in her life.

Increasingly, the bride, going to the florist with one goal, to find a classic bouquet, which for many years looks harmonious and she does not want to change anything. And for what? But having seen the potential of the modern Contemporary Bouquet, she comes to a complete delight!

Contemporary Bouquet is a new style of flowers ensemble, the one that in its appearance will have some latest trend. Whether they are elements of decor, or whether they are an intricate form, or maybe even a new kind of shade that was just invented.

The peculiarity of such a modern accessory can be represented in anything. For example, it is based on flowers of an unnatural hue. In modern floristic magazines you can trace this touch. These are bright blue roses or delicate blue tulips, which do not exist in nature, and the masters managed to surprise the world with their exclusive presentations. Flowers in this bouquet can be covered with gold or silver dust, which will flicker in the light or have a reflective glow in the evening. Such features are unimaginable, they resemble an extravaganza from a fairy tale.

Contemporary bouquets are presented completely different. They have no framework or standards that florists would follow. Any new element, of natural origin or made of plastic or glass will give new sensations and emotions at its sight. You can take a bouquet of any shape, any combination of colors: round, ball, cascade, or make another shape, but by adding an element of surprise to it, you get a completely new version of what we call a Contemporary Bouquet. This does not spoil and does not burden it, but gives it an important feature.

One of the most popular modern bouquets is a shape that looks like a ball or a nest. The illusion made by a long green thread twisted around nest ball, or it almost completely envelops its entire shape. That is, delicate buds are casually seen as if through greens. This is amazing!

A modern bouquet can be very simple, without having any excesses. For example, it may be white lilies, beveled cropped and tied with a very thin ribbon. Yes, this is precisely its subtlety and expressiveness.

Bouquets of this style are not wrapped. And often decorated with thin long trunks of living plants, twigs or plastic, or utility rope. Buds can be replaced with artificial balls, also made of ropes or ribbons. There are bouquets where the main flowers proudly rise above everything else, and as decoration use faceted glass-plastic elements, in the form of balls, drops, beads flickering in the light.

Contemporary Bouquet always does not look like everyone else. It always stands out among all others. Thereby gives a special new unpredictable overtone in the image of the bride.


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