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Wedding ceremony decoration - Part 1

Wedding ceremony is the moment of the reunion of two hearts at the beginning of their long happy life. Therefore, a loving couple wants to surround themselves with the closest and most significant people on this special day. The first half of the wedding ceremony takes place on the emotions and experiences, so the atmosphere should be as close as possible to the natural and romantic.

This process should be special. Therefore, the young couple prepares for this long-awaited day in advance. Thanks to experienced florists, today the ceremony can be formalized and decorated according to its requirements and preferences from modest classics to super fabulous modern. Having a certain cash barrier, masters will offer the most convenient and profitable offers. Thus, you can pick all the composite materials in the ideal.

The main thing is to choose a place. Whether it will be a covered area or a ceremony will be held in the fresh air. The process of wedding should always begin with the main theme. This may be a classic sustained style and colors, the plot of your favorite movie and the corresponding situation, country or hippie, or maybe a warm breeze from the Hawaiian islands. Everything should be designed in one style and one color. This is the key to success! An exception may be the hippie style, where everything should be very bright, motley and rich in colors.

At first, you will need to decorate the wedding area, where the couple will meet each other, places for guests, choose a bouquet for the bride and bouquets for bridesmaids or mini wrist compositions, flowers for spouse s friends and baskets for children that will open the holiday process by scattering petals of flowers. Do not forget about the path leading to the ceremony itself.

The most important element of the decor will be a platform where the newlyweds will exchange rings and give their oaths. It can be in the form of an arch, oval, rectangular, in the form of two hearts, while it is all decorated with flower buds or green stems, sprigs with some blotches of flowers. This is usually one or two shades. Flowers should be fresh and keep moisture for a long time, because, they must decorate the interior all day. For this, classic roses, persistent carnations, delicate lilies, hydrangeas, velvet peonies, gerberas, and azaleas are good fit. Of course, the choice of flowers depends on the time of year. In the summer, mattioli, irises or unpretentious wild flowers and even sunflowers can serve. Wedding platform is often decorated with delicate transparent tulle, which falls in semi-circles, or ribbons.

To the main platform leads a path covered with a light carpet. There are a lot of petals of the main flower s kind. Traditionally, before the beginning of the ceremony, the children scatter flowers on the path, making it even more beautiful. On the sides they put steady low vases or pots with thematic flowers in order to emphasize the holiday.

If the ceremony takes place in a closed setting, you need to remember that the ceiling can also serve as a canvas for the master. It can be decorated in the form of a suspended ceiling over the wedding ground. Thousands of delicate buds and petals will look down, some of them may fall down in a cascade. How beautiful it is! And what if you hold cascading flower ribbons from the corners of the room to the center or draw circles in the form of wreaths. In the evening, they can be decorated with LED lamps. Such atmosphere will attract the attention of any guest.

Guest seats should also be decorated. The corners of the backs are decorated with tulle, ribbons and small tufts of flowers, braided wreaths, not forgetting to adhere to the same style. If the flowers have green leaves, then it will look natural and more complete.

The first half of the marriage ceremony should look at ease, romantic and as natural as possible. After all, this is a celebration of love! And the wonderfully selected elements of the decor will help to feel the smell of celebration and delve into it with the soul.


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