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Wedding ceremony decoration - Part 2

The second part of the wedding celebration is no less important event than the opening ceremony. After all, this is the time when the newlyweds accept warm congratulations from relatives and close people. This is a time of closer acquaintance of two opposite families. Therefore, the couple is very scrupulously. In addition to all the concerns, ranging from a favorite musical composition to a festive cake, they should take care of the overall decor. The experienced florists will help them. They will no doubt pick up and decorate everything so that their guests will come to a complete delight. Masters will create and transform any place in the extraordinary. For a moment, the guests will forget where they are.

We must not forget that each wedding is unique in its own way. It is important to find a balance between color preferences and conceived details that need special attention.

For decorating tables are well suited bright colors, that will not distract from the dishes, although there are always exceptions. Usually, the entire flower arrangement is selected according to one thematic scheme, so the bridal bouquet and the overall floral decoration are selected from the same flowers, of course, adding other flowers can make the situation not so monotonous. Florists pick up these kinds of flowers that stand for a long time and keep their shape well. These are classic roses, peonies, carnations, lilies, tulips, twigs of green trunks, sunflowers, gladioli. Of course, any time of year may dictate its own rules.

Guest`s name tables must be decorated equally. Usually on each of them are bouquets that are focal elements. Bouquets should be low, round or in cascade form so that guests can see what is happening around them well. If the compositions are high, they are placed in tall, narrow glass vases or covered with gold or silver, sometimes they put neat wicker baskets. Starting from the central element, you can continue the floral theme throughout the table. For example, put a flower next to a plate or napkin. Focal elements may be several. If the table has a long shape, the floral arrangements are placed in small bouquets in the middle of the table at intervals. If the table is spacious and round, then such small compositions can also be put in a circle, opposite each guest. Additional elements of decor, for example, candles will add romance to the holiday. The corners of the chairs or the central parts of the backs are also decorated with mini bouquets of two, three flowers interlaced with ribbons and vine twigs.

Everyone loves gifts! A small wreath can serve as an unexpected unobtrusive pleasant surprise, on the name table for the lady and a flower on the brooch for the man.

Newlywed`s table decorated in a special way. Unlike others, it is distinguished by an abundance of decor, but it does not look unnecessarily, but on the contrary attracts attention. After all, it should be so. Before the table put pots or vases with bouquets. On the tablecloth can be fixed some buds that continue the composition. The back wall is also decorated with a floral pattern in the form of capital letters of a young couple, two hearts, and patterns of different types of flowers.

Water elements greatly enrich the environment. Large transparent jugs are filled with water, and there are burning candles and floating flower buds or their petals.

If the room has columns, then this can be used. They are also covered with plants in a circle. Cascading falling ribbons woven from flowers will connect the corners of the ceiling and chandeliers. Thus, a specific pattern can be made. Above the dance floor hang a floral suspended ceiling. This horizontal composition with upside down flowers will perfectly rise above the dance platform. If the action takes place on the street, then tulle will fall down from its top perfectly. It is well protected from the sun and wind.

Today volumetric compositions that made with a help of natural flowers аrе very popular, especialy in the form of the Virgin Mary, a waterfall in the form of a flower cascade, the image of Cupid and many more. On their background, get great photos. If this celebration takes place indoors and the season allows, then it would be logical to build a secluded floral tent, far from the hustle and bustle. There may be a small table strewn with flower petals for guest`s drinks. Next to it, there can be the swing decorated with delicate buds and ribbons. It will look amazing! Brides love to make photos on it background.

Do not forget that this is a holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime. Therefore, this is the day that should be strewn with an abundance of gifts and flowers!

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