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Wedding style - GATSBY

If you are inspired by the Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, so this idea will bring many incredible ideas for decorating your dream wedding under the influence of the 20th century art deco atmosphere with a certain jazz spirit.

Wedding style - GATSBY
Wedding style - GATSBY

Making Art Deco Gatsby is first and foremost a luxury, a lot of luxury. The Gatsby-style wedding knows no bounds; it does not know the words “too much”. It is important to follow the rules of style. So your wedding will become a live movie.

Art Deco’s basic palette is ivory, cream, white, pastel colors, with silver and gold.

Gatsby style bridal bouquet contains bright, delicate shades. Remember, it must be elegant, aristocratic. They are ideal pink and white small roses, classic freesia, exquisite lilies, modest snowdrops. Sprigs of green will decorate such a composition. The stem of the bouquet is wrapped in a lace scarf. In addition, the composition should not lose its luxury and style. You can add it of rhinestones, pearls, feathers, vintage brooches. Bouquets are usually small. Pond bouquets, cascading bouquets, fan bouquets, and also a pomander bouquet will look great!

Tables are decorated without modesty. There are many accessories! Silver figurines and crystal vases, beautiful tablecloths with draperies, fringe are ideal for pearl threads that link cutlery. Candelabrum on thin, high legs should be present on the tables. All this in the spirit of the times of Gatsby! Compositions made of such as hydrangeas, orchids, calla lilies, tulips, are good for creating bouquets. The cascade of white orchids in combination with crystal balls and feathers, glass balls, translucent rhinestones blend harmoniously. Elegant floral arrangements will create a feeling of luxury, high style. Fine beads or sequins covering flower buds will demonstrate this chic style with precision. On the table you can observe large flowers in a crystal vase and floating flower buds inside with candles.

The decoration of the neighborhood and the wedding hall should be blinded by gold crystals and stones. Complementary colors correspond to neutral or dark colors so as not to overload the bright construction. For the Gatsby style, such decorative objects as photo frames, satin fabrics and antique candlesticks are typical. Get inspired for such a wedding in jazz, art deco and glamour. Do not be afraid to overdo it, because the style of Gatsby is glitter, chic, luxury. Cascading abundance of flowers, wrapped with beads, can decorate arches, columns. The actual use of porcelain, crystal, sequins, confetti, serpentine, balloons.

Chandeliers and chair backs can be decorated with sparkling crystals and pearl pearls. Chairs should also be light. The fabric covering them is silk, chiffon, lace, satin and velvet. Ribbons on the back of the back can hold a small cascading bouquet, with drop beads, ribbons or beads.

Do not forget about the car. Such a car can only be a retro sample. And should also be decorated with chic and glitter. The front part of the car, can be decorated with a flower pattern in the form of two hearts or a fan, add some delicate feathers, and “et voilà”, the composition is ready. The steering wheel and backs are covered with lace, pattern, even such curtains will give a special chic.

In the main idea of ​​designing a wedding in the style of the Great Gatsby, it is important to follow the rules of style, beat it with trifles and details. Do not be afraid to experiment, do not be afraid to give free rein to your imagination, make luxury, create brilliance ...


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