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Wedding style - Rustic

In recent years, themed weddings are not uncommon, because every couple wants their holiday to be special so that it can carry its own story. If you prefer to celebrate a wedding in a distance from the noisy city and you adore home comfort, warmth of the hearth, then a rustic wedding is just for you.

Reception decoration -  Rustic wedding decor
Rustic wedding decor

Rustic wedding colors are pastel soft like white, cream, light gray, lots of beige and brown. Bright flower compositions will suit for creation of contrast details.

Rustic style wedding differs from all the others and provides for the design with all the motives of suburban life in a simple but sustained style. Its distinctive features are natural materials, a variety of wood and wooden products, metal decorative elements, dense fabrics. In general, everything that is used in the daily routine of country or rural life, will accurately convey this unique style. This event can be arranged anywhere, but the most suitable place is a quiet, secluded place away from the city and noisy roads. This may be a barn near the forest area or an old manor by the lake. A place that was originally stylized as a rustic is very well suited. It will be natural.

For example, a vintage bicycle can be painted in one of the suggested colors and decorated with a basket full of plants. Put a lot of bright flowers in a metal watering can or old barrels .On the floor, you can set up woven baskets, boxes filled with lively flower compositions. A wooden swing will looks great on the tree, it can be also decorated. The oil lamps perfectly fit into the image.If the celebration takes place indoors, hang on the walls wooden signs, chalk boards with warm words and wishes. Forged metal things, such as clock and horseshoes can be also on a wall. Put candles into glass jars or fill them with colorful buds and hang under beams. They can also be put on the table.Wreaths of flowers and branches will look great. The evening bonfire will decorate the image completely.

The wedding altar can be decorated with natural materials, with the help of burlap, flax, sheaves of hay, simple field flowers, daisies but without ribbons, bows and sparkling jewelry.

A bridal bouquet should be simple, small or medium in size, from a mini bouquet to brightly saturated with lots of different plants. Hand-tied or cascading fit perfectly, but using simple flowers.For the creation of decor and decoration of the festive table, bouquets collected from seasonal field, garden flowers will also look perfect. Compositions should not have a specific form. They should look as if they had just been picked. Therefore, the round shape will not work. Full imagination is possible here. It is important that there is no artificial jewelry, only natural elements. The bouquet can be wrapped in sackcloth, wrap the trunk with braid or just tightly tied with a rope.

Rustic bouquet colors are always filled with delicate pastel tones with a bright accent. It would seem that this is a combination of incompatible and contrasting elements. This may be a combination of purple irises on a background of beige freesia or bright red gerberas and wild roses. Florists often use narcissus, lilies of the valley peonies, dahlias, lisianthuses, ranunculuses with the addition of greenery and small flowers, such as clover, chamomile, burdock, sweet pea. The decorative elements will be natural cones, various berries, sprigs of flowering fruit trees, lemon balm, elderberry and rowan. Such bouquets can be collected at any time of the year. They are very colorful and have a pleasant aroma.

For autumn weddings, sheaves of hay and colorful foliage on the walkways will beautifully paint this image.

A rustic wedding is a beautiful and harmonious design, where everyone will feel natural and at ease, thanks to the natural surroundings and complete harmony.


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